About the Founders, Steve & Alicia Johnson

The Johnsons

Steve and Alicia Johnson are Relationship Counselors who have over 25 years of counseling experience.

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BS degree in Psychology
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MS in Addiction Counseling.
  • Alicia has a BS degree in Psychology and a MS in Addiction Counseling. 
  • Together they are certified Therapon Institute Faith Belief Counselors recognized in the State of Texas and Certified John Maxwell speakers, trainers, and coaches. 

Why Counseling Chose Me

Growing up with an alcoholic father and bipolar mother, the author experienced abuse, including sexual molestation at age 8. At 23, she sought Christ as her Lord and Savior after a series of poor decisions, including dropping out of high school, drug addiction, and attempted suicides. After a mental breakdown, she sought therapy from a Christian counselor. After a 36-year career in corporate America and a BS and MS degree in Psychology, she became a counselor. She currently works at a Safe House for women rescued from sex trafficking and addiction and serves as Pastors over Pray and Congregation at Covenant Church. Her life is dedicated to bringing individuals and couples to spiritual and emotional health.

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As life coaches, their passion is to aid individuals in relationship building.

40 years of marriage led to the labor of love “Longevity Relationship Consultants." They believe that by sharing their own relationship experiences through honesty and transparency, they can make a difference and give hope to one relationship - one individual at a time.


We're here for you


Married couples

The Johnsons specialize in providing counseling for married couples as well as those who are dating or in premarital relationships.


Business owners

We also serve as consultants for business owners and managers, helping them build teams that work cohesively to improve production expectations.


Heart for service

Involvement in ministry at their local church, life counseling, and working for a national non-profit organization speaks to their commitment to service to others.


In-House Counsellor

Alicia is also an in-house counselor for a safe house that rescues women from sexual exploitation and addiction.

Why am I doing this now?


Relationships are Key

God created us to be in relationships. Our most important relationship is the one we have with God, Himself. Other relationships include those with family members, friends, business partners, and yes-lovers, all are important and are intertwined with one another.

Let us help you sort out these delicate, but tricky webs of intrigue and help you build stronger, healthier bonds that will "LAST A LIFETIME."